Chapter 14: Bathrooms


If you’re having a loft conversion for an extra bedroom, you want also want to add an en suite bathroom. You will need to consider the location of the new bathroom, both from a design and convenience standpoint, and from the practical consideration of attaching to existing plumbing which is the cheapest option.


If you have endless pots of money, you can put the bathroom where you like and add any new pipework that might be needed but, if you haven’t, you’ll want to put the bathroom where it can easily be connected to the existing plumbing. Using flexible plastic plumbing to thread through the joists, it’s a straightforward job to add hot and cold water supplies for the new bathroom from the existing plumbing system either at the boiler or from the floor underneath.

A soil pipe is a PVC or cast iron pipe designed specifically to remove soiled or contaminated water from toilets. Soil pipes are usually larger than standard water removal pipes. Your existing soil pipe may be vented above roof level and it could be possible to add a connection into this, or into another soil pipe on the floor below. If there isn’t an existing soil stack you may be able to add one, or use a small bore flexible waste pipe can be used to connect to the drains. If neither of these are possible, you may still be able to have your bathroom by using a macerator.

Fitting Tips

As long as it’s safe and practical to step into the bath without attempting some form of limbo dance, you can tuck it under the eaves to make the best use of that space, though the shower, WC and the wash basin will need full headroom.

If you’re short on space, you could fit a wet room rather than a separate bath and shower, but it would need full tanking, which may add to the cost.

Save space and neaten the look of your bathroom by using the gaps in your stud walls to fit concealed tap mixers and showers, and build concealed cisterns into studwork.

If your bathroom is tiny, make it look bigger with the use of floor to ceiling mirrors and clever use of lighting.

Macerator System

If you don’t have an existing soil stack and it’s too expensive to add one, you can install a pumped macerator system to add a new WC.

A macerator is a small box seated behind the toilet and it works by using rotating blades to reduce waste it so it can fit through your normal pipe work.

A macerator must be used in the recommended way or it can cause some problems so do talk to your supplier and make sure you read the instructions.

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