Chapter 6: Drainage


Drainage is an important consideration when adding a loft conversion. If the roof is much larger than it was, there will be more surface water to drain away. A larger roof will also need longer guttering and drain pipes and, if you are fitting a new bathroom in the loft, you will need to have drainage arranged for that.

Foul Drainage

Foul drainage needs to be in place to take used water from bathrooms, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers.

If you are going to have a bathroom in the new loft space, you will need to plan its location in advance and consider the existing drainage, perhaps fitting the new bathroom just above the original bathroom to share the pipes and reduce work and, therefore, costs.

Rainwater Drainage

Surface water drainage carries rainwater and meltwater from hard surfaces like your new roof and additional roof drainage may be needed, including widened pipes if your roof is very much bigger than it was.

Foul drainage and surface water drainage usually have their own separate systems so your contractor will need to connect to the right one.

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