Chapter 13: Lighting


Loft conversions often have sloping roofs and exposed wooden beams, so ceiling height can be at a premium. Traditional ceiling lights, such as pendant lights, can work if you have a high enough ceiling but should be avoided in areas where the ceiling is low. For lofts, the best lights are flush fitting ceiling lights, down lights or track lights and you could also install the lights across the face of the beams for a different look. Wall lights are another option which can minimise any loss of ceiling height and, in any lighting design, different lighting sources should be used.


Ambient light is overall illumination, also called general lighting, fitted in place of natural daylight. The idea is to give enough light in the room to be comfortably bright without glare, allowing you to see and walk safely.

Ambient lighting can be created by using recessed downlights with a wide beam angle, directional spotlights to bounce light off of walls, strip lights within coving and coffered ceilings, ground lights for indirect general light, and can also be achieved with floor and table lamps.


Task lighting is any light focused on a particular area to help with tasks, such as reading lights, a light over the mirror in the bathroom for shaving, or down lights under the cupboards in the kitchen to illuminate the work top. Again, the lighting must be free from glare, but bright enough so you don’t suffer from eye strain.

Examples can include downlights over counters, islands, desks and tables, pendants over desks and tables, and directional spot lights aimed at wardrobes and mirrors for dressing areas.


You can create all sorts of effects with accent lighting, from spotlighting a piece of art or a sculpture in an alcove, to almost painting across the wall with light to add visual interest.

From step lights from floor level for a floor wash effect, downlights close to a wall’s surface to create reflected scallops of light, feature lights which create patterns on bare walls, ground lights to pick out architectural features to shelving lights, the list is endless.

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