Chapter 5: Windows


As part of your new build, you will want to have light and air coming into your loft, and if you fit the right A or B rated windows, you could also find your energy bills are lower.

There are regulations on the size of your windows, but your contractor will be able to advise you on this and the type that you’ll need.

Dormer Windows

A dormer window has a small roof extension that extends from the roof-line so a standard, horizontal window can be added at the end. It gives you extra space and a window which opens fully.

If your home has traditional roof rafters and an open attic, you can fairly easily add a functioning dormer window, though if you have a trussed roof it’s more difficult. With a trussed roof you can cut and modify the roof to add a dormer with a functioning window, or install a mock dormer that looks real, but isn’t actually functional.

However you do it, having a dormer window needs more planning and construction than other window options and will add to the project costs.

Skylights & Roof Lights

Skylight windows are fitted flat, in line with the slope of the roof and come in a range of styles, colours and sizes to suit almost any project. They can be sealed or open and close like standard windows. There’s no need for additional construction, so this is usually the most cost effective type to fit.

One other advantage of the skylight type is that it can also be used as a fire escape window.

Sun Tubes

Also known as sun pipes, sun tubes are a way of getting natural light into a room when you can’t fit a full window, which reduces the need to fit artificial lights. A sun tube is basically just a hollow pipe which reflects light into the room. They are easy to fit as either rigid pipe or flexible ducting, and won’t stand out and spoil the finish of your roof. They are also sealed units which don’t need cleaning.

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