27th April 2014

County Lofts recently completed both mine and my neighbours loft conversions in North London as one project. The whole job was a real pleasure. Im sure I speak for neighbour on this also. They sent in 2 seperate teams, 1 for each loft. OK it took 5 weeks instead of the 4 weeks the rep quoted but that said they did do alterations for us as we changed our minds on a couple of points along the way. Special thanks to our team leader Sam Dee who really did go above and beyond. By the way Sam! The kids are missing you and your jokes. Charlie asks if you have framed the pic he drew for you. 🙂 Seriously a big thanks to all at County Lofts. I would hugely recommend to anyone thinking of a conversion. We now have a beautiful MasterSuite with Wet Room. Thankyou Charles and Lucinda