Chapter 11: Heating


Given that we’re in the UK rather than baking in the heat of the tropics, you will want some form of heating in your new room. It’s usually most effective to simply extend your existing central heating system, but there are a couple of other options if that’s not possible.

Existing Boiler & Radiators

If you are going to use your existing boiler, you will need to check that it has enough capacity to handle any additional radiators, and your new radiators should be fitted with thermostatic valves for temperature control. You will also need to extend your hot water heating pipes into the loft.

Radiators do take up some space, and that may be a factor depending on the size of your room, so think about what size and shape would be the most effective for the area you have. You might try taller, but thinner radiators or choose a chrome designer one to make a feature of.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a lot cheaper than it used to be and has a lot of advantages. You don’t take up any floor or wall space with radiators or portable heaters and you don’t have to plumb into your existing heating system or extend any pipes. It’s also maintenance free and, with mats in different sizes, you could heat each room separately, giving you more control.

Underfloor heating can be difficult to repair and it does raise the floor slightly which would make your current floor a little uneven, but with a loft conversion you may well be replacing the floor anyway.

Oil Filled Radiators & Portable Heaters

Instead of having to connect to your heating system or take up the floor to fit underfloor heating, you could simply use portable heaters or oil filled radiators. This would save on both the costs and time associated with your loft conversion.

There are, however, several downsides. Heaters take up either floor or wall space, which may not be something you can afford if the room is small and, conversely, if you have a large loft space, portable heaters may not be powerful enough.

You also couldn’t use portable heaters in a children’s room for safety reasons, in case the heater is moved too close to bedding or curtains, which could cause a fire.

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