What height does my loft have to be for a conversion?

The minimum height for a loft conversion is 2.3 metres (7 ft 6 in). As a rule of thumb, a height of around 2.4 metres (7 ft 10 in) in the highest part of your loft is adequate.

What building regulations do I need to be aware of?

You must ensure safety for the inhabitants of a home with a loft conversion and there are minimum standards for design, health and safety and construction of a loft conversion. We will make sure that any plans for your loft conversion are submitted correctly and fit all regulations.

What planning permission do I need?

A high percentage of loft conversions do not require planning permission. However, most do require plans & approval by the local authority building department, which can normally be obtained on your behalf by the company you commission to carry out the work. Normally approval can take between 4 and 6 weeks, but it is best to make provision for around 2-3 months from inception, this will depend on whether planning permission is required. Our team will advise all customers so just ask when you give us a call.

What happens after a conversion is approved?

Once approved we will negotiate your start date. Before we undertake the work we will arrange a meeting with yourselves outlining the work and installation dates, agreeing timings and schedule, we will also arrange a meeting with our installation managers, who are personally responsible for the smooth running of your project and will liaise with you throughout the build ensuring smooth running, cleanliness and approval at each stage.

Where will we build the stairs?

We can usually fit the stairs into the space where your boiler goes or use storage space that you often find on the top floor. We can also take a small part of a wall if needed, but we minimise this as much as possible.

How much disruption will there be during the conversion?

The team at County Lofts recognise that our client usually has to live in the property that we are converting. We make sure that all disruption, noise and mess is kept to an absolute minimum and we clean up after ourselves at the end of every day.

Are your prices competitive?

We have a pricing structure that is very competitive, however the most important issue is quality. We pride ourselves on our work, cleanliness and professionalism, while our knowledge and experience ensures we always meet and exceed the customer’s expectation.

Are finance facilities available?

We will endeavor to give you the best advice on how to finance your project; our financial advisors are on hand to get you details depending on your personal circumstances.

Will a loft conversion be a good investment?

Absolutely and without question one of the best investments you can make in your property. Always ensure you have thought through what you want, and that you have utilized the space well, we are on hand to give advice having completed all shapes and sizes, taking time to get your design right is crucial, we will help and assist until we are both satisfied with the project.

Will you give me a free quote and a free survey?

Yes, County Lofts give all customers a free survey and a free quote. We expect you to be able to pick the right company for your needs based on price and quality of the job – a free quote and a free survey allows us to show you what we will provide and saves the need for employing sales people.

Do you give me guarantees on your work?

Again, yes. All work that we complete comes with a guarantee so you can have complete peace of mind when using County Lofts. Call us today on 0800 046 1995 to discuss your requirements; we look forward to hearing from you.